TCG’s Theatre Facts 2013

How does your theatre stack up?

Here’s the latest from TCG:  TCG’s Theatre Facts 2013 report of the financial health of the field. Theatre Facts is the only in-depth report that examines the attendance, performance and overall fiscal state of the not-for-profit professional theatre industry.

The full report can be found here<> and the press release is below. A few highlights:

*         Theatres posted a 40.8% growth in total earned income. This increase reflects the impact of the recession on 2009 numbers, and the growth across multiple earned revenue streams, including: single ticket income, subscription income, education/outreach programs, rental income, booked-in events, endowment/transfers, and capital gains.

*         However, overall contributed income dropped 4.3% from 2009, in foundation, corporate, and government support. The only area that showed strength were individual contributed income and fundraising events.
So while the external conditions of the theatre of the field are challenging, theatres are being resourceful with revenue/income strategies and creative audience engagement strategies.

*         Working capital-the unrestricted resources available to meet day-to-day obligations and cash needs-still remains a challenge; it was negative in each of the past 5 years.

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