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Didn’t you know this stuff ?


Read this:

Then ask yourself how much of it “felt right” to you?

And i you can remember back to that survey course you took in History of Philosophy as an undergraduate, consider it in the context of Plato’s Charioteer Allegory.  After all, whether you knew it at the time or not, those philosophy courses were one of the most important parts of your education as a fund raiser!



LinkedIn – how important is it?  Really?

How much time should you be spending on it?

Does anyone really use the “recommendations”?

Here’s a thought about LinkedIn connections from the Harvard Business


Use This Test Before Connecting With Someone on LinkedIn

Even committed LinkedIn users can be uncertain of which connection requests to accept or extend. It’s possible to connect to almost anyone—but that doesn’t mean you should. Instead, think about the two-way quality of your relationships. Use a filter to help you connect to those people who will be able to help you, or whom you would be willing to help. Try the “favor test”: Would you do a favor for this person, or ask a favor of them? If so, make the connection. If not, take a pass. If you’re consistent in applying the favor test and selective about which connections you initiate and accept, you can tap LinkedIn’s power as an introduction machine: an address book in which all the entries can see and connect with one another, and a network that’s efficient in supporting your professional goals.

Adapted from “Should I Accept that LinkedIn Invitation?” by Alexandra Samuel.