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Didn’t you know this stuff ?


Read this:

Then ask yourself how much of it “felt right” to you?

And i you can remember back to that survey course you took in History of Philosophy as an undergraduate, consider it in the context of Plato’s Charioteer Allegory.  After all, whether you knew it at the time or not, those philosophy courses were one of the most important parts of your education as a fund raiser!



“Things should be going better for our department”

A beloved former client writes:

“It seems somebody thinks things should be going better for our department.”

So here’s my question….what’s the metric for “going better” and based on those metrics, are things actually “going better”?
Remember the three Great Tasks of work:


If things are going better (or at least holding their own), has that fact been appropriately communicated?

Just a thought this morning.