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Your first time at a Board meeting

I’m doing some work today to help a client prepare for the first Board meeting of a brand new non-profit organization.  Heady stuff!

While I was poking around on the Interwebs, I found this wonderful article on Fast Company about this very thing:

It’s a quick read by Alice Korngold that outlines some Do’s and Don’ts for the first time Board member, whether it’s first time as an npo Board member or first time as a new Board member.

Are Boards really ready for change?

.. younger donors are likely to be put off by board service unless boards can improve the way they function…” If you work in/for non-profits – especially for an arts organization –  you should take 5 minutes and read this.

Boards Are Not Ready for the Next Generation of Trustees

Rick Moyers starts his piece for The Chronicle of Philanthropy by saying

“A rising generation of younger donors and philanthropic leaders could bring new money to nonprofits and fresh energy to their boardrooms—if boards can overcome their current dysfunction enough to engage them.”

He tells a cautionary tale!