Good businesses make great art

Arts consulting.  Arts consultants.MBAs who can read music?

Hathor Associates is a consulting firm serving the organizational needs of today’s arts organizations. We focus on small and mid-sized performing arts organizations’ income, management Board and organizational development needs. Project teams are assembled on a client-need-by-client-need basis from our network of accomplished arts management professionals; we match their skills and availabilities to clients’ specific challenges. We pursue professional engagements that match our collective and individual interests and capabilities, being careful not to take on more than we can deliver at any one time.

Our passion is working for arts organizations with capacity greater than their current capabilities. We believe performing arts matter in our culture and that the experience of performing arts will only be sustained by the growth and sustainability of the arts organizations that create those experiences.

If performing arts matter to you, contact us.  We’ll help you identify those organizations that feed your passions and should be getting some of their support from you.  Whether or not they are our client organizations.  Part of our mission is to help you match your capacity with arts organizations needs – that’s the way the business works.